Bread is better broken with you.

Like a lot of us, I've spent most of my adult life in search of purpose. So I'm not wasting space on this earth. Selfishly taking in oxygen without anything to give back. But how do you even begin? It's easy to romanticize purpose, it's another thing to find it. I'm surrounded by people who have found passion and that doesn't make living without it any easier.

Rewind to four years ago. I began working as a fashion model, and in that time I had the great opportunity to travel to different parts of the world for work. A dream come true, right? Truth is, it was a dream that my dad had for me for as long as I can remember and I thought I could make it my own.

I love food way too much to be model anyway! In fact, every trip I take is planned around where I'll be eating. Example - I went to France and said, “I guess we can see the Eiffel Tower... I mean, it is right around the corner from that little boulangerie with the fresh baguettes.”

All things food. That's my heart.

Sometimes it's simpler than it seems. Sometimes you know you the best after all. Sometimes life calls for the cautious step, and other times you just have to run with it. A good friend said my journey so far seems serendipitous. I must be on the right road. This is me running with it.

Today, I'm heading down to Miami to begin an apprenticeship at Zak the Baker. It'll be two months of intensive training under a guy who learned at bakeries and farms all over Europe. Many of the bakers and chefs that I admire were able to master their craft because they once apprenticed. I'm charmed to also have the chance. And when I'm done, I'm coming back home to open a place of my own!

From model to food enthusiast to apprentice, I'll be blogging my every experience, leaving nothing out. Come with. Bread is better broken with you.