A lesson in baking.

On average, my mornings begin around 2 a.m. That's when my mental alarm thinks it should start going off every hour until my actual alarm sounds. After rolling off a dear friend's couch puffy-eyed, I have nice yawn, get ready and head to the bakery. It's still dark out.

When I get there the head baker has already pulled the first batches of bread out of the oven. And I think we can all agree that smell was sent straight from heaven! For the rest of us it's nonstop sticking to a very precise regimen. Everything has a time, a weight, a temperature, and a technique. Something like this: Prep ingredients, clean, prep table, pre-shape dough, tidy up, final shape and place dough in basket, set timer, tidy up again...

When keeping a schedule like this, it's probably important to love what you're doing.  And I do.

Valuable lesson of the week

Before starting my first week in the bakery, I tried imagining what a typical day might look like. I fully expected to be "Jenn the do-girl" doing simple tasks like weighing flour, watching from the side, and sweeping up. But that wasn't the case at all!

On Friday, Zak asked me how everything was going. I told him how happy I was to be thrown in to work with the rest of the team and that I thought I'd be doing much simpler tasks. He responded with a powerful, "Isn't it all simple?"

And it is simple. I love the simplicity of the art of making bread. But, simple doesn't mean easy or that any less care is taken. It's basic ingredients (flour, water, salt) plus a lot of love and passion. It's a lesson that I've taken home with me to apply to the rest of my life.  I believe that's what our time here is all about, the simple things. Dinner around a table, choosing to call someone and not text, just sitting and talking with the one you love, karaoke nights with friends.  

Basic things plus a lot of love and passion.  An important lesson in baking.